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Alan Chu

Web Developer & Architect

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I am a senior Web Developer & Architect, specializing in enterprise web applications and Content Management System. I offer more than 20 years of IT experience in architecture, infrastructure, design and development of complex enterprise web applications. I am well-versed in a number of technologies and development areas, including UI design, client and server side, SOA, ROA and RBMS development. I am a creative problem solver and leader with strong focuses on design quality, user experience, business process improvement, employee collaboration, and strategy. I understand problem-solving not only from a technical perspective, but also from the underlying operational and financial aspects of a business. If the clients succeed, we succeed. This principle is central to how I work and lead my teams: we aim for the highest standards of delivery, and always keep the company and the client’s best interests in mind. In an increasingly complex world of IT and business challenges, an effective technical strategy must align with the many moving parts of a growing company. This is where my experience and blend of both business and technical backgrounds can prove invaluable to a team.

Project Highlights

USB Intranet Portal Refresh

AEM 6.3 | MongoDB | Windows 2012
Served as Architect Lead at U.S. Bank for the AEM 6.3 implementation for USBank's intranet portal refresh project; collaborated with technical leads to create the infrastructure design and solution architecture design for AEM 6.3 implementation supporting over 65000 users and million page views; assisted the development team in design of the portal solution providing features like personalized content delivery, news and notification, AEM Communities and integration with enterprise search and social collaboration platforms; the goal of the project is to improve branding consistency, communication and productivity across intranet and promote employee collaboration.

CMS for Online Decisioning Application

TeamSite/SitePublisher 7.5 | ASP.NET 3.5 | HTML5/CSS3 | jQuery | MSSQL2012 | Windows 2012
Acted as the Development Lead and Architect at U.S. Bank; created an unified CMS solution to support multiple credit card applications in Retail Payment Solution and the growing business needs; allowing BL users to create content variations and inheritance for supporting dynamic delivery and maximum content reuse; designed a centralized content API to provide efficient and simplified content retrieval and consumption of content and data; developed a custom dashboard application using ASP.Net to provide real-time view of the content status, relationship, ad-hoc search and reporting capabilities; the solution improved the user experience and business processes, increased flexibility and functionalities, provided a more efficient content API for application integration and reduced future development and support cost by creating an unified content management strategy. Refresh

TeamSite/SitePublisher 7.2 | HTML3/CSS3 | Javascript | ASP.NET 3.5 | MSSQL | Windows 2008
Acted as CMS developer and architect at U.S. Bank; designed CMS solution for brand consistency and user experience with responsive web design, governance of legal and compliance requirements via workflow; developed SitePublisher templates and components for ASP.Net implementation; created the responsive microsite templates allowing business line owners to easily create and maintain their sites for desktop, tablet and mobile devices with consistency; created custom ad-hoc reporting for meeting auditing needs using ASP.NET and SQL; the solution successfully allowed marketing and business line users to manage content on with consistent branding and modernized UI across sites and devices, streamlined content process and governance with compliance review and reporting.

TeamSite Upgrade Project x 3

TeamSite 5.5.2/6.5/7.2 | LiveSite 7.2 | Linux
Acted as the CMS architect at U.S. Bank and helped with planning, execution and support of 3 successful TeamSite upgrade and migration projects with over 1.2 million content assets and 700+ authors; assisted with the implementation of LiveSite Display Service 7.2 (LSDS) and LiveSite Content Service 7.2 (LSCS).

CMS for Custom Intranet Portal

TeamSite 6.5 | HTML/CSS | Javascript | ASP.NET | C# | MSSQL 2008
Acted as the lead web developer at U.S. Bank; designed and developed the CMS solution for custom intranet portal, a .Net application, with TeamSite; the CMS solution enabled Corporate Communication and hundreds of non-technical users to create and manage their content, news and events publishing to promote employee collaboration; used modular component and templates design approach for better usability and code reuse, new workflows and integrations for ASP.Net templates.

Custom Intranet Portal

TeamSite 5.5.2 | HTML/CSS | DHTML | Javascript | ASP.NET | ADO.Net | .Net Remoting | C# | MSSQL 2000 | SQLXML | Windows 2003
Acted as the lead web developer at Con-way (XPO); designed and developed the custom intranet portal (both UI and runtime) from scratch to support the need of internal information sharing, communication and collaboration for over 35,000 employees; later extended the framework and created an extranet for employees to access resources remotely; developed number of TeamSite templates, workflows and navigation system and enabled SSO, personalization, enterprise search, integrated preview and CMS functions for better and simplified user experience.

Project Management & Time Tracking System

HTML/CSS | DHTML | Javascript | ASP 3.0 | MSSQL 2000 | Windows 2000
Acted as the lead web developer and business analyst at Con-way; designed and developed the internal Time Tracking system for the Internal Audit at Con-way; the system allows project managers to create and manage projects and assign tasks to users, record time and ad-hoc reporting.

Electronic News Letter Email System

HTML/CSS | ASP 2.0 | VB | MSSQL 7.0 | SiteServer 3.0
Acted as web developer at Chinatimes Inc.; developed an Electronic News Letter Email System that generates personalized letter for individual customer, schedules email sending to over 100,000 users daily, tracks responses and provides reports.


WCM Architect

2006 - Present
U.S. Bank @ Portland, OR

Served as the Architect lead role for U.S. Bank Enterprise Content Management team overseeing WCM implementations using TeamSite 6.5/7.2/7.5, LiveSite 7.2/7.5 and AEM 6.3

  • Responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and viability of WCM implementation across the company.
  • Responsible for TeamSite architecture, development, implementation and support for over 1.2 million content assets and 680+ content authors.
  • Conducting vendor and technology researches, assessment and recommendations for enterprise search and enterprise web content management systems.
  • Assisting in developing Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Standards including development, release management and code review standards.
  • Working with management and business line owners to develop technology roadmaps, proof of concept and architecture & infrastructure review for projects.
  • Supporting and filling in for various development activities and project needs using a spectrum of technologies including Perl, HTML, CSS, XML, ASP.Net, C#, SQL, Web Services, Javascript, jQuery, and etc.

Senior Web Developer

2001 - 2006
Con-way Inc. (XPO) @ Portland, OR

Served as Senior Web Developer on the Enterprise Web Team providing development and support for the Internet, intranet and extranet and TeamSite implementation using HTML, CSS, DHTML, Javascript, ASP, C#.Net, ADO.Net and MS SQL technologies.

  • Working closely with the business and infrastructure units to define requirements, supporting and developing both web and Windows based applications.
  • Responsible for developing and supporting intranet, Internet and extranet websites and applications, creating corporate technical standards for content and web development.
  • Responsible for Web Content Management (TeamSite) and Collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint 2003) implementation for intranet, Internet and extranet.
  • Develop web applications and internal systems to help improving efficiency and processes by working with variety of business units including Internal Audit, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Human Resource, Corporate Communication, Marketing, etc.
  • Created enterprise-wide web applications using variety of technologies including C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, DHTML, VB, ASP, Directory Service, MS SQL 7/2000, IBM DB2, Oracle 8i/9i, and PeopleSoft 8/8.9.

Web Developer

2000 - 2001
Chinatimes Network Inc. @ Taipei, Taiwan

Served as Web Developer primarily responsible for Internet web-based applications and content management system

  • Designed and developed online applications and interactive web-based games for promotional events using ASP, DHTML, C++, VB, COM+ and flash technologies.
  • Provided development and support for Internet facing commercial news media website with over 350,000 pages and 100,000+ daily visitors.
  • Developed personalized electronic email (news letter) system using ASP, SQL 7.0 and SiteServer 3.0 Personalization and Membership directory service.
  • Facilitated the rollout of the content management system using Vignette.

Network Administrator

1999 - 2000
WaferTech Inc. @ Vancouver, WA

Served as Network Administrator and administered company's Windows NT network with over 1100 users.

  • Responsible for server setups, RAS, TCP/IP, user account maintenance, printer and server administration.
  • Developed the IS departmental website that greatly improved communication, ticketing tracking and customer service.

Web Designer, Co-Founder

1997 - 1998
SunSpot Network Inc.@ Vancouver, Canada
  • Responsible for graphic design and HTML, CSS and UI development for client projects.
  • Provided support for web hosting services for more than 150 customer websites.

Skill Highlights

HTML5 & CSS3Expert

Javascript & jQuery Expert

XML, XSL, XSD & XPathExpert

Windows & IIS ServerExpert

OpenText TeamSite/LiveSite 7.5Expert

Content Management SystemExpert

ASP.Net & C#.NetPro

WSDL/SOAP & Web ServicePro


JSP, Java & J2EEGood

Unix, Linux & PerlGood

Adobe AEM CQ 6.3Fair

Apache Sling, JCR & OSGiFair

C, C++Fair


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer plus Internet (MCSE+I)


Interwoven TeamSite 6.0 Developer Certification


Interwoven TeamSite 6.7.2 Developer Certification


Interwoven TeamSite 6.7.2 Administrator Certification



BS in Information Technology

University of Phoenix
2001 - 2005

AA in Network Administration

Clark College @ Vancouver/WA
1997 - 1999

AA in Electronic Engineering

Oriental Institute of Technology
1994 - 1996